about us

We sincerely believe the quality, price, delivery, and the relationships we have cultivated with a Worldwide customer base will lead us to further success. An SS Paper chemical was established as a manufacturer and supplier of Paper sizing chemicals, specializing in Rosin and AKD. In compliance with exigencies of patron demand, we have developed and continue to sharpen our aptitude in a host of novel capabilities including Rosin, AKD and ADK Wax emulsion. With a strong devotion to detail and the urge to master the intricacies of the industry, we look towards implementing even more advanced techniques and further expanding our complement of equipment in order to maintain our leadership in meeting the most stringent time and quality requirements. Through modern day communication systems and optimizing the internet as a platform, our stations provide prompt and quality sampling services. We spare no effort to deliver, what we promise with utmost precision and quality. We go to any lengths to ensure that our timelines and quality are well adhered to.