Dry Strength Resin

Dry Strength Resins are specially formulated polymeric chemicals designed for BETTER paper making and to improve strength characteristics like burst factor, tear factor, double fold, breaking length and stiffness of craft, writing, printing and board paper. These chemicals are very much suitable for shore fiber pulp like straw, hard wood, waste paper etc. and can be used as supplement for long fibers.


Dry Strength Resins are effective over a wide range of pH encountered in papermaking and also withstand shear conditions. No agitator or pump is required for solution making.

Function: To increase the relative bonded area or strength per unit of bonded area between the fibers in a sheet of paper. Properties most likely to be favorably affected include internal bond strength and tensile strength.

Retention Aid – Product Characteristics

Characteristics Specifications
Appearance Water Soluble liquid Polymer
Ionic character (Cationic) High
Product viscosity cps @ 25o C 1500-3000 cps


· Improved strength characteristics like burst factor, tear factor, breaking length & double fold

· Improved paper formation

· Improved stiffness / rattling of paper

· Higher levels of talcum loading

· Higher levels of shore fiber pulp


· Ready to use liquid

· Easy to prepare solution and apply

· Effective at low dosages

· Completely miscible with water

Direction for Use

Polymers may be added at source or by diluting to a concentration of 100 to 200 gpl using filtered water, either into the refined or to the machine chest. Polymers can be prepared easily just by mere mixing. No use of agitator or sophisticated dosing equipment is required.


Do not store the material in open. Keep the container tightly closed when not in use. These products exhibit very low order of oral toxicity. No special care is required in handling these products.