fixing agent

Fixing agents are used to improve retention of internal sizing agents and to enhance sizing degree. They also reduce machine deposits caused from internal sizing agent.


They improve the retention of AKD / ASA rosin sizing agents. This may allow lower dosage of size to be used.

AKD size develops sizing too slowly in some uses and these resins can increase the rate and the degree of AKD sizing.

Fixing Aid – Product Characteristics
Characteristics Specifications
Appearance Amber liquid
Solubility in water Infinite
Solid 40+%
Shelf life (24°C) 12 Months


Benefits of Fixing Aid:

·Increases retention of fillers, fine, dyes, pigments.

·Improve drainage rates, leading to increased production.

·Reduces save-all loads and suspended solids in effluents aiding in pollution abatement.

·Greater sizing efficiency with rosin, dispersed, or synthetic sizes.

·Optimum performance from wet and dry strength resins.

·Control of anionic components in furnish.

·Contributes to cleaner machine wet-ends.

·Effective over a wide pH range.

·Reduces use of sizing chemicals and alum.

·Lowers addition of wet and dry strength resins.

·Lowers filler cost through better retention.

·Lowers energy costs.

·Fiber substitution potential.

·Operation of machine at higher pH with less corrosion.