fortified rosin

Fortified rosin is a product of rosin. It commonly used as sizing agents on wide range of paper grades. Fortified rosin improves the quality and life of paper. SS Paper Chemicals manufactures fortified Rosin is SSPC-50 which contains min 50% solids with unlimited shelf life in yellow/ brown color. SS paper chemicals manufacture varying degree of total solid content as per customer specification. Compare with ordinary rosin size, it has advantage like easy handling – smoothly saponified and easily dissolved in warm water, can be storage in most type of storage, more efficient due its high uniform sizing effect.

Appearance Yellow to Brown
pH 9.5
Specific Gravity at 30℃ 1.185
Total Solids (min.) 51%
Shelf Life Unlimited


Rosin fortified contain into the 250kgs plastic drum
It also contain in tanker as per requirement of our quality customer