neutral size rosin

Neutral Size Rosin can size paper in neutral pH conditions and facilitates the use of Calcium Carbonate as filler, thereby improving optical properties of Paper. So loss in brightness of Paper associated with acid sizing is efficiently controlled by Neutral Size Rosin. It also increases life of Paper as compared to Acidic Sizing.It is an anionic dispersion of high grade modified rosin with a considerable share of free rosin. It is used for efficient sizing of paper/paperboard in neutral pH range (6.0 to 7.0) of pulp stoc k. Used for Craft & Duplex paper. Rosin reduces Cost of Paper Making and improves quality it reduces the consumption of additives thus lowering the cost of paper making. It increase the quality and life of paper.

Product Characteristics:

Product SSPC-30
Appearance Milky white solution
pH 6 – 6.5
Specific Gravity at 30℃ 1.03
Total Solids (min.) 30%
Shelf Life 3 months

Packaging: rosin fortified contain into the 250kgs plastic drum

It also contain in tanker as per requirement of our quality customer.